NSF “Creating the Future” Video Contest

Whales in Fjords: Fin whale habitat use and vocalization within a developing coastal corridor, BC.
Awarded first prize at the 60th anniversary of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship ceremony, Washington DC, 2012.

Singing in My Soul

Friends are awesome, and they make life beautiful. Music is by “Fly My Pretties”, given to me on one of the best hitches of my life. Made while homesick in New Zealand.

Canada Crossing ’08

In 2008, I began corresponding with an NGO in Guatemala that needed the funds to build a school in a remote Mayan village. After a year of fundraising (this was a promotional video for the cause) and a 37-day, 3,800-mile bike ride across Canada, dear friend Jason Haney and I had raised over $14,000. Today the school has been built, and serves as a permanent structure for hundreds of students. Read the blog, or read more about Two Wheels & a Revolution.

Happy Graduation, Mom!

In 2007, my mother completed her law degree, all while working, caring for a family, and busy with a million other things. I was studying in New Zealand at the time, and this was my meager means of letting her know how proud I was (am) of her.

Kangaroo Island Farmstay

This video was made for Bob & Lorraine, two wonderful farmers and educators on Kangaroo Island, Australia, as an advertisement for their WWOOF/ESL Homestay business. An absolutely amazing place.

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~ Cincinnatus
~ Romulus & Remus
~ Ping Pong: The Sport of Kinds…and Jedi
~ Pressing Play: Summer 2005
~ Angsty art projects from Eric’s college days!