Two Wheels & a Revolution
Educational Cycling
Education seems the perfect marriage between my passion for learned adventure and the needs of communities worldwide. As an exercise in drawing such connections, I work hard on reinforcing all of my interests with communal utility, even those as unlikely as cycling.

Canada Crossing ’08
$14,000 to build a school in Chacaya, Guatemala
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In 2008, I began corresponding with an NGO in Guatemala that needed the funds to build a school in a remote Mayan village. After a year of fundraising and a 37-day, 3,800-mile bike ride across Canada, a friend Jason Haney and I had raised over $14,000. Today the school has been built, and serves as a permanent structure for hundreds of students. Read the blog.
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Western Bike Blazer 2010
$12,000 to create a school in Cali, Colombia
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In 2010, I led a team of 10 college riders on a 1,000-mile bike ride that raised $12,000 for another school in Cali, Colombia. Today, Principal Eunice Caicedo directs the school, Sendero de la Vida, Amor y Paz -- the Path of Life, Love, and Peace -- which feeds and educates one of the most unfortunate corners of Cali. Read the blog.

The Next Ride
I’ve got plenty of routes planned out. Anyone got a cause?