Whale Song!
Groovin’ Lessons on the Cetacea,
for kids & their grown-ups

Kids, dive into the amazing world of whales and dolphins (and bring your grown-ups along, too!)  Listen, laugh, and learn all about the giants of the deep: their diversity, ecology, and history.

With this album, the first from life-long whale-nerd Eric Keen, kids of all ages will discover a new love for these amazing animals.  Swim alongside love-struck narwhals, share an ice cream cone with a bicycling beaked whale, even two-step with extinct 'walrus-whales' from ages past!  Packed with fact-filled, toe-tappin' tunes, this album blends science and imagination into a lyrical adventure for the whole family.

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1. The WhaleBC's
2. Whales are Mammals (Clap your Hands!)
3. Auntie Arctica's Cookie Jar
4. Narwhals in Love
5. Workin' on the WhaleRoad
6. Everybody's Got a Porpoise
7. Odobenocetopsidae
8. Whales on the Bus
9. Migration
10. River Dolphin Rap
11. Ice Cream
12. Evolution
13. Gray
Whale Lullaby

Bonus Tracks (you won’t find these on the CD!)
Baby Beluga
Skin of a Right Whale
Sara (A Tribute to Burl)

Written, performed, and produced by Eric Keen.

Recorded on location at Dry Park Fire Tower, N. Kaibab National Forest, Grand Canyon.
Ocean sounds recorded in Eric's hometown (Melbourne, FL).

Cover art by Hanna Moran.

Special thanks goes to Jason, Andrea, Kevin, Dan, Katie, Jonathan, Richard, David H, and David LM.

For my sister, Sara