Peer-reviewed publications
Evans, J.P. and E.M. Keen.  2013.    Regeneration failure in a remnant stand of pignut hickory (Carya glabra) on a protected barrier island in Georgia, USA.  Natural Areas Journal 33: 171-176.

A. Bagulayan, J.N. Bartlett-Roa, A.L. Carter, B.G. Inman, E.M. Keen, E.C. Orenstein, N.V. Patin, K.N.S. Sato, E.C. Sibert, A.E. Simonis, A.M. Van Cise, and P.J.S. Franks. 2012. Journey to the Center of the Gyre: The Fate of the Tohoku Tsunami Debris Field. Oceanography 25(2):200–207.

N. Hollingshead, J.P. Evans, C. Roberts. eds. 2011. Cumberland Voices: A Conservation Action Plan for the South Cumberland Plateau. (Contributing author & research fellow)

Article and Interview on ScienceLive, December 2012.

“Whale Song!” review in Around the Pier, 2013

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