(Proposed) Dissertation Project

Whales in Fjords:
The pre-tanker ecology of inland whales and seabirds in the northern Great Bear Fjordland, B.C.

Pasted Graphic
The Bangarang insignia. Photograph by EMK.


Methods Overview

2013 Field Season Report

A designer’s guide to zooplankton nets


Summer 2012: Studying Fin Whales from Land


Data are collected onboard using “Research Underway: Bangarang Data Entry Program” (RU Bangarang DEP for short; RUB for shorter!): a homemade, touchscreen-oriented software. If you’re interested, download the software and the user’s manual below. I also provide the underlying Visual Basic code,

The program requires the VB.NET framework to be installed on your computer. It’s free and can be downloaded
here. Sorry, RU Bangarang works on Windows platforms only! The program needs an external GPS antenna to log geospatial coordinates. I use an affordable USB antenna.

WARNING! This is the first draft of the first program Eric has ever written. Enough said. Subsequent versions will be posted as they are updated.

RUB .exe file

RUB User’s Manual

RUB Visual Basic Project Files