Mang Lin, Ph.D.

JSPS Research Fellow (PD)

School of Materials and Chemical Technology

& Earth-Life Science Institute

Tokyo Institute of Technology


E-mail: (at)

m6lin (at)

manglin.ucsd (at)



My name is Lin Mang (family name first, the Chinese naming tradition) and I go by Lin. I am interested in many topics on atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemistry, cosmochemistry, and astrochemistry, especially the chemistry and applications of mass-independent isotope effects in Earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences. The ultimate motive of my research is to understand the origins of all things (life, Earth, the solar system, our galaxy, and the universe). I am currently a JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Tokyo Tech (Host: Prof. Yoshida), mainly working on the biogeochemical cycle of nitrogen. Before coming to Japan, I worked with Prof. Thiemens in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at UCSD and was trained as an analytical chemist and isotope geochemist. My PhD project mainly lies at developing new analytical techniques for radiosulfur measurements in terrestrial samples to understand the present-day atmospheric sulfur cycle, stable isotope effects, and their implications for the evolution of Earth's atmosphere and origin of life in deep time. My research involves field sampling and analytical measurements, laboratory experiments and modeling works. I am a recipient of the 2018 UCSD Chancellor’s Dissertation Medal.

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Photo by Arvin Akoopie