Qiaojun Feng

CSE 276B: Human Robot Interaction - Obstacle Avoidance on a Turtlebot

This was from an assignment of CSE 276B: Human Robot Interaction in Winter 2018.

We used a Turtlebot 2 to implement a simple obstacle avoidance. The task was to control the Turtlebot to move to object with some specific color and avoiding obstacles in the way. The Turtlebot was equipped with a Orbbec Astra Pro camera with both RGB and IR sensor, i.e. it could collect both color and depth information. What I learnt here is how to design a simple control system using Finite State Machine(FSM).

alt text 

We used cmvision package to detect calibrated color blocks and used pcl_ros package to subscribe point clouds information. And we can use PID control to move the Turtlebot. Here is a demo videos below.