Steven C. Pan

NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory Department of Psychology University of California, San Diego
2552 Mandler Hall
La Jolla CA 92093/0109 Google Scholar

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the Psychology Department at the University of California, San Diego. My research applies the science of learning and memory to improve the efficiency and efficacy of educational practice. Current lines of inquiry include (1) the use of retrieval practice to improve memory; (2) investigations of learning in specialized domains such as spelling, and (3) investigating the role of sleep on procedural skills. Previously, I completed my undergraduate studies via the Early Entrance Program at California State University, Los Angeles. My research is currently supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, an APA Early Graduate Student Researcher Award, and previously by an NIMH T34 Pre-Doctoral Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award.


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