Cherished Memories

Google Research and Machine Intelligence Seattle


Summer 2016 was over before I realized. An impeccable workplace for a researcher cum grad student. Amazing work, super smart and helpful people, a lot of learning opportunities, awesome food, extra-oridinary coffee, and a lot of fun. I didn't even catch the pollen allergy this time. With Mount Rainier, Olympics National park, friends and food - it's been the best so far.

Microsoft Research Redmond

Summer 2015 has been one of the best summers I had in a long time. I met lots of intelligent and fun-loving people, came across their ideas - the three months of internship was truly enriching.

In short - a fun summer with lots of new friends from across the globe !


Multimedia Lab IIT Delhi

I did Masters while working full-time, that left very little time to enjoy student life in campus. Still, I must say, I had the opportunity of meeting wonderful people - some of them became my friends forever.

Night-outs in the lab, 3 am tea-breaks, life-time hiking experience in the Himalayas (!!!), trying out different street food, roaming around the capital of India - all were unforgettable moments.


STMicroelectronics Noida and Bangalore

I had been working in ST for 6.5 years, and it has been a journey to remember. I had the opportunity to work with and get to know some wonderful people.

We shared some success stories to remember, and even shared moments away from the gruel of the job, like music- after-five (Noida), E-Comm (Bangalore) on our very own greens.

From being a member of the best poster winning team during ST Day to delivering site-level talks - from being voice of ST to organize the best ever Diwali celebration on site - from being quiz master at office (found this photograph recently) to being the recipient of the best traditionally dressed employee award - from official visits to different sites in different continents to attending summer schools - all are still very fresh !!

Last but not at all the least, some of my co-workers became very good friends, and they still are.