Yonatan Vaizman

yonatan vaizman yvaizman @ eng.ucsd.edu

Graduate student (Ph.D. program) at University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joined the Computer Audition Laboratory in 2012
Supervisor: prof. Gert Lanckriet

Research interests: Context recognition, Multi-sensor analysis, Music information retrieval, optimization and machine learning, audio signal processing.

Currently working on research and development of context aware systems that can combine information from a person's smartphone, wearable sensors and fixed sensors at home to recognize what the person is doing, experiencing, feeling, intending etc.

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ECE 273 - Convex OptimizationGert LanckrietSpring 2013notes (including bookmarks)ECE 273
ECE 251B - Digital Signal Processing IIBhaskar RaoSpring 2013notes
ECE 251C - DSP3, Filterbanks and WaveletsTruong NguyenFall 2013notes (including bookmarks)

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