Welcome to ECE 154C: Digital Communications III, Spring 2019

This course is an introduction on Coding and Information Theory, which are the backbone of digital communication systems. The field of information theory was pioneered by Claude Shannon in a series of papers started from 1948. The very first fundamental limits on signal processing and data compression were in fact presented in one of his most celebrated papers, “A Mathematical Theory of Communication.” Other applications of information theory include lossless data compression, lossy data compression, channel capacity and channel coding.

In this course, we briefly study each of these topics. Many of these topics are also presented in more details at advanced graduate courses here at UC San Diego. We follow a more example-oriented approach at ECE 154C to get you familiar with these concepts and some of the famous algorithms within this field. Therefore, neither homework nor your exams will include questions on the relevant mathematical proofs. It is however asked of you to select a project of your interest, read a couple of relevant papers, and submit a 4-page survey type paper by the end of the course. The complete course grading is as follows:

Homework (4 sets in total): 10% --- Course paper: 10% --- Midterm: 30% --- Final exam: 50%

Please note that your midterm grade can only help you, i.e. it doesn’t count iff "your midterm grade < your final exam grade"

Please check the announcement section regularly (at least once a week) for exam locations and possible change of schedule during the quarter.