Adrian Wolanski

Ph.D. Candidate – Department of Economics

Email: awolansk at ucsd dot edu

Teaching Statement

You can find a copy of my teaching statement here and my effective teaching documentation here.

Teaching Experience as Instructor

I am extremely privileged to be selected as a Summer Graduate Teaching Scholar for 2023, where I served as the instructor of record for a section of Econ 100B Intermediate Microeconomics B, Producer Theory and Markets. Click to view my syllabus, my lecture notes, and my evaluation report from students. A summary of the evaluations is presented below (due to changes in UCSD end of course evaluations, students were NOT prompted to say if they approved of/recommended me).

Prompt % Agree or Strongly Agree
Class sessions helped me understand the course 95%
Assignments were helpful 90%
Exams were a fair assessment of learning outcomes 90%
Feedback was timely and helpful 100%
Course developed my skillset and understanding 95%
Course was intellectually stimulating and engaging 90%
Instructor incorporated teaching methods which helped me learn 90%
Welcoming and supportive learning environment 95%

Teaching Experience as Teaching Assistant

My complete evaluation porfolio can be downloaded here, and is organized chronologically. The table below includes a summary of these evaluations, as well as the same evaluations organized by course.

Course # Evaluations Approval Rate
Econ 2 Introdutory Microeconomics, Market Imperfections and Policy 15 93%
Econ 3 Introductory Macroeconomics < 3 N/A
Econ 100A Intermediate Microeconomics A, Consumer Theory 134 93%
Econ 100B Intermediate Microeconomics B, Producer Theory and Markets 34 88%
Econ 100C Intermediate Microeconomics C, Monopolies and Market Failures 8 88%
Econ 104 Economics with Morals 3 100%
Econ 171 Decisions Under Uncertainty 11 100%
Econ 172B Operations Research B, Convex Analysis < 3 N/A
Mgt 160 Experiments in Firms and Organizations (Rady School of Management) 46 85%

Mock Syllabi

Below are mock syllabi for classes I would be interested in teaching but have not taught.

Behavioral Economics
Experiments in Firms and Organizations
Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data