Ho-chiu Leung


PhD candidate in modern Chinese history at UC San Diego (2017-now, qualified in 2020)


the history of political economy of the People’s Republic of China
data visualization: China’s grain, resources, and trade


〈多元的批判——美國新資本主義史的啟示與反思〉,《新史學》,33:3(臺北,2022),頁187-232。[“A Diverse Critique: Insights and Reflections from the New History of American Capitalism,” New History 33, no. 3 (September 2022): 187-232.]


the Social History of Money across the Eastern Bloc and the Global South (June 2024);
State of Hong Kong Studies - A Workshop at UBC (June 2023);
HKU Spring History Symposium (May 2023);
a UC graduate workshop on China’s Reform and Opening (June 2022, also the co-organizer);
the Cambridge World History Workshop (March 2022);
the Oxford International History of East Asia Seminar (November 2021);
the annual conference of the Association of Asian Studies (March 2021)


teaching assistant for the Making of the Modern World course series, UC San Diego (2019-now);
lecturer at UC San Diego (Summer 2024), California State University San Marcos (Fall 2023), and the University of San Diego (Fall 2022)