Website Purpose

The climbing team at UC San Diego is rapidly increasing in size, growing from less than 10 members to over 100 within the last two years. Managing the team on Facebook was easy to do when the team was small, but now they need a better platform to get information across to both new members and future members. I'm currently working with a small team to create a functional and informational website for the team.


We wanted to make sure the website was catered to the right people, so we interviewed the leadership as well as members from the climbing team to learn about the kind of people who join the team. We used this information to create personas to help steer us in the right direction for our design.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

We created paper wireframes to get an idea of the layout of our pages before investing time into coding. This allows us to get a feel for what content should go where, it also allows us to get feedback about the layout early on in the process.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Using the paper wireframes as inspiration, we created digital wireframes that are clickable and provide the necessary navigational elements. This lets us visualize the content in a more concrete way than the paper wireframes allow, letting us see what the website might look like once we code it up. This will guide us when it comes time to implement the website in code.


Creating moodboards gives us an idea of what the theme of the website will be, choosing color palettes and key visuals for inspiration.