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At Surface Dwell: Lessons from Lamalera & Its Whales

Lamalera is a remote village in Indonesia whose residents subsist on the meat of whales, dolphins, and the occasional manta ray. This book explores the historical, modern, and imminent issues surrounding their traditional whale hunting practices and the religious importance of whales in their lives.

Oceania in Time-Lapse: Mapping the Story of Life Down Under

It's the thrill of discovering new landscapes; the exhilaration of understanding them; the marvels under every overturned stone, from the least conspicuous bryophyte to the most elusive bird to the grandest glacier... Drawing on adventures and research in New Zealand, Australia and Polynesia, the author celebrates how enriching an intellectual engagement with the land beneath our feet can be. Once we reach a certain intimacy with a place, its story and our part in it flows together in marvelous coherence; this is the adventure of learning. Wander begets wonder, and vice versa. Both fuel each other.

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Canada Crossing ’08: The Ride & All That Went Into It

In the summer of 2008, two friends rode their bikes across Canada to raise funds to build a school in the Guatemalan village of Chacaya.

This book features:
Dozens of detailed maps; Never-before-seen pictures! Detailed accounts of each day of riding; All posts from the project's blog; Correspondence; Journal excerpts; Anecdotes and reflections from the riders, and much, much more!

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English Lessons for Indonesian Schools

A collection of the best English lessons by the English Teaching Assistant Fulbright Program of 2008-2009.

Please inquire for a copy.

Published Essays

“Bubble Net: Encounters with a Humpback Feeding Frenzy”
in The Spyhopper, newsletter of the American Cetacean Society, December 2011

“The Naturalist’s Code: Fight for the Great Bear”
in The Ecologist ~ also appeared in Earth Times (March 10, 2011)

“Room at the Table”
in Dolphin & Whale Society Magazine, Vol. 2, 2011


Data are collected onboard using “Research Underway: Bangarang Data Entry Program” (RU Bangarang DEP for short; RUB for shorter!): a homemade, touchscreen-oriented software. If you’re interested, download the software and the user’s manual below. I also provide the underlying Visual Basic code,

The program requires the VB.NET framework to be installed on your computer. It’s free and can be downloaded
here. Sorry, RU Bangarang works on Windows platforms only! The program needs an external GPS antenna to log geospatial coordinates. I use an affordable USB antenna.

WARNING! This is the first draft of the first program Eric has ever written. Enough said. Subsequent versions will be posted as they are updated.

RUB .exe file

RUB User’s Manual

RUB Visual Basic Project Files


The Case for Deifying the Blue Whale

The Geology of Whales

Encounters with Ultimacy: Field notes from a Blue Whale Feeding Ground

Dry Park Tower Summer 2011 Report

Bibliometrics of Scripps Inst. of Ocean. Dissertations