Fun stuff!


As a PhD student advised by Prof. Tajana Šimunić Rosing in the System Energy Efficiency Lab at UCSD, my focus is on improving multi-robot systems through both simulations and real deployments. I am currently working toward publications regarding joint optimization of control and communication.

Software-defined Radio Utils GitHub
Multi-UAV ROS Sim GitHub

Robosub - Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

As the Co-Lead of a RoboSub team, I participate in an a yearly Autonomous Underwater Vehicle competition. Much of my work was focused on the SONAR and Computer Vision modules.

Finalist Team
Partnership Award
Innovation on a Budget Award

San Diego Robotics 101
Robosub Technical Paper

Project Drive - Autonomous Ground Vehicle

Used LiDAR and SLAM to avoid dynamically placed obstacles and other vehicles on competition course. Built up custom ROS framework to interface with sensors and navigate intelligently.

First Place University Team


Quad from Scratch - RC Aerial Vehicle

One of the coolest classes I have taken so far. Designed and assembled a quadcopter prototype within 10 weeks. Controlled through custom controller with PID stabilization


Micromouse - Autonomous Mazesolving Vehicle

Created simulation for visualizing pathfinding algorithms.