Maxwell Bland

University of California, San Diego

I am a graduate student and security researcher in the Systems and Networking group at the University of California, San Diego. My work focuses on the development of verified software systems, the automation of program analysis techniques for embedded device firmware, and the use of network protocols in the security of distributed systems.

Update! I have recently joined the UIUC Coordinated Science Laboratory as a graduate student researcher under my advisor Kirill Levchenko. My new website is at

Recent Work

Please Pay Inside: Evaluating Bluetooth-based Detection of Gas Pump Skimmers (USENIX Security 2019)

Lazy Counterfactual Symbolic Execution (PLDI 2019)

Blackhat 2018: Pestilential Protocol Video 1 Video 2 Threatpost




Leaf Me Alone: A Massively Multiplayer Online Squirrel RPG Github

EEPROM Hardware Hacking Tutorial

Buffer Overflow Exploit Tutorial

Meditation Room

Late Night Hacks (Reinstated in 2019!)