Nima Boscarino

PhD Student in Communications & Science Studies, UC San Diego


Hello! I’m Nima Boscarino, a software engineer and educator based in Vancouver, Canada.

Most recently, I was an AI Ethics Engineer over at Hugging Face! Previously, I was a Machine Learning Software Engineer at Borealis AI, an educator at a bootcamp and a non-profit, and a contractor for various local start-ups.

I love work that blends my interests in technology ethics, education, and social justice.


May 10, 2023 🏄🏽 Surf’s up! I’m going back to school for a PhD at sunny UC San Diego!

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  1. NMI
    Federated learning and Indigenous genomic data sovereignty
    Nima Boscarino, Reed A. Cartwright, Keolu Fox, and Krystal S. Tsosie
    Nature Machine Intelligence, Nov 2022