Olga Denislamova

Ph.D. Candidate

Research Summary

I am a macroeconomist with an interest in firm growth and firms' demand for skill across their life cycle. My current research studies what factors contribute to firm growth and how the availability of skill in the population affects firms' performance.

Research Statement (PDF)

Job Market Paper

"Firm Growth, Worker Skill Composition and Organizational Capital” (PDF)

This paper explores the role of organizational capital in firm growth. Organizational capital is a type of firm-specific knowledge based capital that includes tacit and codified knowledge about the firm and its environment. I build a partial equilibrium industry model where firms can grow by accumulating organizational capital. Using Brazilian administrative data, I find that the share of skilled labor in a firm decreases both with size and with age. I use this fact to discipline my model. I find that the accumulation of organizational capital across the firm's life cycle accounts for 10% of firm growth.

"Re-evaluating the Firm Wage-Size Premium: the Role of Worker Skill Composition"

In this paper, I examine the firm size-wage premium in the cross section of firms and as firms expand. Using the RAIS dataset, I confirm the firm size-wage premium in Brazil, with bigger firms paying higher wages in the cross section to all workers. I also find that as firms expand, the average wages in the firm fall, both overall and within each group if I separate the workers into primary school, high school and college graduates. The average wage decrease is mostly due to the change in the worker composition of the firm towards more lower skill workers. The change in the composition stems from the firm disproportionately hiring lower skilled worker, as well as from the change in the composition of the already employed workers, with lower skilled workers having a higher likelihood of being retained as firms expand. The cross-section firm size-wage premium persists even as wages decrease within firms. This is due to the fact that firms that end up growing large start with high wages.

Research in Progress

“The Effect of Revealed Corruption on Public Sector Employment: Evidence from Randomized Audits in Brazil” Joint with Francisco Garfias and Munseob Lee

“Firm Physical and Organizational Capital Investment with Financial Frictions”