Our team is actively hiring the following position:
  • Senior Perception Engineer/Tech Lead (Full-time)
  • Engineering Manager - Perception Infrastructure (Full-time)
  • Perception Research Engineer/Scientist - Deep Learning (Full-time / Intern)
  • Perception Research Engineer/Scientist - Fusion (Full-time / Intern)
Please contact me directly if interested.

Hello! My name is Panqu Wang. I am currently the Director of Deep Perception at TuSimple. We create efficient and effective solutions for the perception sytem of the TuSimple L4 autonomous driving trucks.

I obtained my Ph.D. degree in March, 2017 from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC San Diego. My advisor is Professor Garrison W. Cottrell. My research areas are on perception and cognitive modeling. I build brain-inspired neurocomputational models that explain how face and objects are processed and recognized in human visual pathway.

I came from Tianjin, China, and my lovely hometown is in Jilin province. Heading south, I spent 4 years in Fudan University, Shanghai, to get my bachelor degree majored in Electrical Engineering. During my senior year, I visited UCSD and joined Professor Nuno Vasconcelos's lab doing projects on building a speed limit sign detector using visual saliency and boosting cascades.