Parker Addison

Parker Addison - University of California San Diego
Parker Grey Addison

Pursuing a B.S. in Data Science – Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute

Student Representative

Researcher at NASA Ames, USRA NAMS internship


Winter 2021 🎓
HDSI Student Representative
USRA NAMS Researcher
  • Distributed storage solutions and benchmarks for efficient ML workflows at NASA Ames
  • DSC 140A: Probabilistic Modeling
  • DSC 180A: Data Science Capstone II
  • MGT 112: Global Business Strategy
Current Work 📊
High Performance Computing Researcher
  • Working with the USRA NAMS program at NASA Ames
  • Researching lessons in distributed data storage that can be learned from the Pacific Research Platform (PRP)
  • Researching storage solutions and benchmarks for efficient ML/data analysis workflows in the advanced supercomputing (NAS) division
Generating and Analyzing Network Traffic in Diverse Network Conditions
  • Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute Undergraduate Capstone
  • Data generation tool which compensates for bias found in lab-generated network traffic datasets
  • Analysis of network conditions and their effect on traffic flow statistics
  • Website: GitHub/parkeraddison/generating-and-analyzing...
Contact and Links 🌎
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