11/05/18 CSCW 2018 3 days @Jersey City, NJ
06/10/18 Worked on improving Autodesk's conversational AI (AVA) for 10 weeks as a summer intern.
04/12/18 CRA-W Grad Cohort Worshop 3 days @SF.
04/04/18 I'll be joining Autodesk's Machine Assistance team as a summer intern in their SF downtown office. Super excited!
01/08/18 Second quarter begins.
I am TA'ing for COGS 122, a start-up studio class, where I coach 4 student teams to pivot ideas and launch their start-ups.
12/11/17 Wrapped up the very first quarter of my PhD program.
11/09/17 Gave my first presentation about my interest in Ed Tech to DLab audience.
09/28/17 I am TA'ing for COGS 122, a project-based class that students design solutions for a civic design competition, D4SD (Design for San Diego). I am also coordinating the community of participants from the city for this competition.
09/03/17 Officially became a member of Cog Sci dept and DLab @UC San Diego.