Yang Wang

Ph.D. Candidate

Social Media Platform

Econ_wind is a public media platform I founded two years ago for a wide range of audiences in economics. It is a pure public good that introduces frontier economic research, software packages, writing and presentation tips to students, colleagues and the public. Equally importantly, it opens up a window to prospective young cohorts interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in economics. The website can be found here. The Wechat platform is temporarily closed and the journey of Econ_wind continues on Weibo, the China version of twitter. (Weibo; Past posts on Wechat Public Media)


Assortative matching with endogeneous occupation selection

  • This package solves a two-side assortative matching with heterogenous agents in python.
  • The code extends two-side matching to the case where each side endogenously arises from one population of heterogenous agents based on comparative advantages. The code is coming soon on my Github pages.


  • GetNBER is a python script I wrote to scrape abstracts from NBER. You can find code and example file here on Github.
  • Using the text file above, I developed an iOS app that randomly shows up an abstract for fun reading. A demo is uploaded in the github repository above. I'm looking for parties with apple development experience to bring the app online.

ios Shortcut

  • I created two iOS shortcuts related to NBER abstract and the latest papers (link).
  • RandomNBER reads out one abstract randomly chosen between a range of your choice.
  • NewNBER reads out titles of papers on the latest weekly new NBER webpage.


Paper lists for Top 3 journals

  • Scraped from websites. Files are shared here on Github

More collection

  • Click here for a collection of links to data, advice and tips.