Yibin Liu

Ph.D. Candidate

Phone: +1 (858) 666-7093

Email: yil490@ucsd.edu

Research Summary

My research centers on (1) economic factors that shape stock market investors' processing of financial information (2) the consequences of investor information processing costs on corproate actions (3) CEO partisanship and management forecasts.

Here is my Research Statement

Working Papers

  • Going Digital: The Causal Effect of Information Technology on Corporate Actions (Job Market Paper)
  • Disclosure and Investor Rational Inattention: Theory and Evidence with Jeremy Bertomeu and Keri Hu
  • The Spillover Effect of Earnings Management: Evidence from the Stock Market De-listing Policy in China with Jun Chen

Selected Work in Progress

  • Red versus Blue Forecasting: CEO Partisanship and Management Forecasts with Joseph Engelberg and William Mullins
  • Using Machine Learning to Solve High-Dimensional Disclosure Models with Jeremy Bertomeu and Keri Hu